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The Krause Law Firm
Aviation Law Specialists

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Aviation Law
Aviation lawsuits can arise from any number of disputes including insurance, maintenance defects, sales disputes and more. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to assist in any aviation related case. Our business law attorneys are engaged in matters across the nation.

In addition to our many years of legal experience, our partners have piloting and technical expertise. This specialized knowledge and experience has helped Speiser Krause become the leader in its field and the nations largest firm of pilot-lawyers.

Aviation Disasters
Every day hundreds of thousands of air travelers place their confidence and trust in the aviation industry. Generally, their flights are without incident. But when a crash occurs, the consequences can be tragic. What can injured passengers - or their bereaved families - do to recover their losses? How can they assess a "value" on their loss? What can they do to begin to put their lives and livelihoods back together? What are their rights? At times like this, it is important to know about Speiser Krause.

Since it's inception, our firm, both on its own and as lead counsel or co-counsel with other law firms, has successfully handled thousands of plaintiff cases arising from major disasters.

The Krause Law Firm of
Counsel to Speiser Krause

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Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is to provide clients with efficient and professional service from experienced counsel. We listen closely to our clients to understand their legal needs, and employ cost-conscious strategies, which best meet those needs. In this regard, we pride ourselves on working effectively with other professionals, including accountants, financial advisors and other legal counsel.

Our Fees
It has been our firm's policy to charge for services based upon results, not to set fees solely on billable hours or the number of attorneys and staff working on behalf of a client.

Our terms of representation are flexible and determined only after we have discussed in detail with the client the goals and risks associated with each matter and the amount of the attorney's and client's time, personnel and money needed to achieve objectives. These factors are reviewed to tailor a fee arrangement which may include a reduced-rate hourly charge, a lump sum payment or a flat fee with a contingency percentage derived from a successfully concluded matter.

Our History
Speiser Krause was founded in New York over fifty years ago by Stuart Speiser, one of the nation's first attorneys to specialize in the field of aviation litigation. In 1955 our firm earned the prestigious "AV" rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a distinction it has retained ever since.

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Please Note:
Statutes of Limitation may apply and determine how long you have to file a lawsuit. In the case of personal injury litigation, the type of injury as well as the state the injury occurred in are some factors used to determine the length of time you have in which to file a lawsuit. Read the statute of limitations in your state.


Charles F. Krause
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Paula J. Walsh
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The Krause Law Firm Specializes in the following areas of Aviation Law:

  • Aircraft accidents
  • Aircraft Forfeiture
  • Aircraft ownership problems
  • Aircraft purchase and sale dispute
  • Aviation arbitration
  • Aviation defects
  • Aviation fractional ownership disputes
  • Aviation inspection
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Aviation latent defects
  • Aviation maintenance defects
  • Aviation mediation
  • Aviation purchase disputes
  • Aviation regulations
  • Aviation repair disputes
  • Aviation sales disputes
  • FAA enforcement actions
  • FAA Licensing
  • FAA regulatory approval
  • First party denial of insurance coverage
  • Foreclosure of possessory liens on aircraft
  • Fractional Ownership Contracts
  • Government investigations
  • Hazardous substance transport violations
  • Insurance denial of claims
  • Loss of use & "down time" claims
  • Major overhaul / maintenance deficiencies
  • Manufacturer Risk Management
  • Minimizing Ownership Liability
  • Negotiate
  • Negotiate / enforce contracts
  • Product Liability Avoidance
  • Protecting aviation businesses
  • Releases, Disclaimers, and Waivers
  • Sale / purchase of aircraft
  • Security breaches
  • Substantial property damage claims
  • Warranty compliance
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