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Vincent Glorioso, Jr.
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Maria B. Glorioso
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Vincent Glorioso, III
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About Glorioso Law Firm

At the Glorioso Law Firm, we as trial lawyers are dedicated to protecting and preserving the dignity and the rights of all people. We are committed to representing plaintiffs in civil cases and seeking justice for victims of injury. The Glorioso Law Firm defends the constitutional rights of individuals who have been injured because of medical or corporate negligence. We represent clients who have been seriously injured by the negligent, careless, or reckless conduct of someone else or by a large corporation, such as in an automobile accident, explosion, construction accident, medical malpractice or other type of injury or death.

An important part of the commitment, as experience has proved, deals with the power of a single lawsuit to eliminate the dangers caused by unsafe products and practices when legislative regulations and industry standards fail to protect the public. Today in Louisiana and throughout the country, the rights of accident victims are threatened. President Bush wants congress to limit the right to a jury to determine and award damages in personal injury cases. The Glorioso Law Firm is working to protect your right to a civil jury trial. Toward that end, we need our city and state representatives to vote no on the so-called "tort reform" bill. Separate and apart from the practice of law, The Glorioso Law Firm members recognize the obligations toward citizenship. As individuals and as a group, the firm is committed to reinvesting its energies and its resources into bettering the community and state in which we live and practice our profession.

Glorioso Law Firm's Approach

The Glorioso Law Firm does not compete for clients with other law firms. It does not lure prospective clients into its doors by flashy advertising and meaningless assurances. Indeed, The Glorioso Law Firm scrutinizes its potential clients and as well, clients should scrutinize their prospective attorneys.

When The Glorioso Law Firm accepts representing a client, it considers the acceptance a serious decision. The entire array of the firm's resources and talents are dedicated to the clients we accept, and each client is represented as zealously and vigorously as the law and professional ethics allow. Each and every client of The Glorioso Law Firm is given one hundred percent of the firm's efforts and loyalty.

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Please Note:
Statutes of limitation may apply and determine how long you have to file a lawsuit. In the case of personal injury litigation, the type of injury as well as the state the injury occurred in are some of the factors used to determine the length of time you have in which to file a lawsuit. Read the statute of limitations  in your state.

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