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Horizon Technical Consulting Announces the Release of the StenoCast X1-Lithium

The StenoCast X1-Lithium is an enhanced version of the original StenoCast X1, which allows for up to 30 hours of wireless realtime transmission from a court reporter's or deposition reporter's steno machine to their computer. The StenoCast X1-Lithium eliminates the need of serial cables tethering the court or deposition reporter to their computer. The reporter may now roam up to 300 feet from their computer and remain connected wirelessly.

(PRWEB) August 25, 2005 -- Horizon Technical Consulting has announced the release of the StenoCast X1-Lithium for use with practically all stenographic machines on the market today. The X1-Lithium device replaces the original X1 that was released in the fall of 2004. The StenoCast X1-Lithium allows all Stenograph machines, including the Stentura, Cybra and Mira, and SmartWriter, Xscribe StenoRAM 11s, 111s and Ultras, and the ProCat FlashWriter, to write wirelessly to the court reporters computer.

Court reporters typically are tethered to their computers by a serial cable. As the court reporter writes on their stenographic machine, the stenographic strokes would travel via the serial cable to the court reporters computer, which would then translate those strokes into English and display them on the court reporters computer screen. The simultaneous display of the spoken language as it is being spoken is known as "realtime reporting."

Horizon Technical Consulting released the StenoCast X1 in November of 2004 to solve the dilemma of the court reporter being tied to one specific area of the courtroom or deposition suite. Court reporters of necessity are required to move. That was not possible in the past without the cumbersome process of disconnecting and then reconnecting their dangling serial cables. StenoCast developed the StenoCast X1 with the stated purpose to allow for freedom of movement of the court reporter, but also with an eye towards removing the danger of serial cables draped throughout the courtroom.

We found that many court and deposition reporters have become very attached to their new-found freedom. However, there were several specific enhancements requested by the court reporting community, and we have endeavored to add them all to the StenoCast X1-Lithium, stated a company spokesman.

The primary enhancement requested by court reporters was longer battery life. While the original model provided eight hours of service, which in most cases was adequate, court and deposition reporters desired an extra cushion to spare. Reporters also requested a means to monitor battery life. Some court and deposition reporters, while grateful for being able to eliminate the serial cable from the steno machine to their computer, had also requested the ability to connect their wireless device directly onto their stenographic machine without the need of a small adapter cable.

These concerns and more have been addressed by the StenoCast X1-Lithium. As the name implies, the X1-Lithium utilizes a Lithium Polymer battery with a runtime of approximately 30 hours. In most cases that is a weeks worth of writing on a steno machine by a court or deposition reporter. Another wonderful byproduct of the Lithium Polymer battery is the recharge time has been reduced by nearly 70 percent. It takes only two and one-half hours to totally recharge the X1-Lithium.

"We have completely eliminated the need for adapter cables for all Stenograph machines, including the Stentura, Cybra, Mira and SmartWriter. It will also plug directly into Xscribe StenoRAM 11, 111s and Ultras. The StenoCast X1-Lithim plugs directly into the steno machines serial port, the StenoCast spokesman indicated.

The new, sleek design is impressive, but the LEDs providing valuable information such as the low-battery indication, data flow and charging status make the StenoCast X1-Lithium a must-have accessory to court reporters and deposition reporters the world over. As one official court reporter indicated, "It's as if I've walked from the dark into the light of court reporting knowing I don't have a cord to worry about, trip over, or just get tangled up in. This is by far the best single investment in my court reporting career in having the mobility I need."

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