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Patriots for Al Gore Calls For NSA Special Counsel

Auburn, Illinois (PRWEB) January 24, 2006 -- Patriots for Al Gore Calls For NSA Special Counsel Patriots for Al Gore has called for a special counsel to investigate the current NSA wiretapping/surveillance program being employed by the Bush administration, in response to its admission that this program has existed and has wiretapped millions of Americans without obtaining proper warrants as outlined in current FISA laws.

It has also been called for in solidarity with remarks made by former Vice President Al Gore on January 16, 2006, that rightfully challenged the administration and Congress to fulfill their oaths and to abide by the Constitution. Full disclosure of all information pertinent to any illegal and/or unconstitutional activity must be provided to this counsel and Congress in order to ensure a proper balance between liberty and security.

A petition to the Congress to do its duty as representatives of the people to restore the rule of law has also been initiated by Patriots for Al Gore in the hopes of collecting enough signatures by fall 2006 to be delivered to the Capital Building in Washington DC by its Chairperson, Jan Moore.

According to Ms. Moore, "the threats that remain to our national security now cannot be properly dealt with if taxpayers' money is being spent to wiretap millions of innocent Americans in violation of the very rights we need to fight to preserve, which gives terrorists freedom to plan attacks. They also cannot be preserved with partisan bickering. Such methods that skew the balance between liberty and security for partisan reasons only further the goals of terrorism and are counterproductive to the survival of Democracy. They must know that the American people object to such practices."

More information about this request and this petition can be located on the Patriots for Al Gore website.

Patriots for Al Gore is a Federal PAC, and is not not connected to any candidate or candidate's committee.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article as long as the above resource paragraph is left in tact with active links.


Steven J. Williams, P.C.
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