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Depo- Provera: Women Secondary Effects

Depo- Provera is a contraceptive or birth control medicine, which is administrated by vaccination four times per year, instead of the normal daily oral pill. This contraceptive method has been utilized for almost 15 years in the US and for over 20 years in Europe; it has been widely used because it has been shown to be highly effective. This drug contains a potent variation of the progesterone hormone that is released during a hypodermic blast every few months. This hormone has demonstrated to augment the loss of bone density in women of all ages (including teenagers and young adult women).

From the time when it was launched, there have been more than 12 studies done to evaluate the Depo-Provera effects and efficiency. One of those studies published by the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine demonstrated more loss of bone density in women who were utilizing the medicament at the moment of the study. Some of these studies also say that bone loss can be reversible in the youngest women, but other studies say that it is not true (those say that the loss of bone density is enduring). The only real thing is that the loss of bone density makes the people more vulnerable to suffer a fracture or cause osteoporosis eventually.  

Past November 17th 2004, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a regulation for the Depo-Provera manufacturers. It consists on that making sure that the package and promotional supplies must have a ?black box warning? saying: ?use of this medicine can cause loss of bone density (calcium)?. If you or somebody you know has suffered this problem, do not hesitate and contact your attorney because you maybe qualify to a claim and be rewarded for the damages.

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