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Evergreen Healthcare Center Neglect Lawyers & Inspection Results

Evergreen Healthcare Center  Nursing Home Inspection Deficiencies Results     

No one likes to see nursing home abuse or neglect.  The following information has been gathered from inspection results reported by the CMS.

Inspectors determinated that the nursing home failed to:

1. Give professional services that meet a professional standard of quality.(01/20/2005)

2. Properly care for residents needing special services, including: injections, colostomy, ureostomy, ileostomy, tracheostomy care, tracheal suctioning, respiratory care, foot care, and prostheses.(01/20/2005)

3. Give each resident enough fluids to keep them healthy and prevent dehydration.(03/18/2005)

4. Make sure that each resident who enters the nursing home without a catheter is not given a catheter, unless it is necessary.(03/18/2005)

8. Immediately tell the resident, doctor, and a family member if: the resident is injured, there is a major change in resident's physical/mental health, there is a need to alter treatment significantly, or the resident must be transferred or discharged. (03/18/2005)

10. Make sure that the nursing home area is free of dangers that cause accidents. (01/20/2005)

13. Keep accurate and appropriate medical records.(03/18/2005)

Date of this inspection: 01/20/2005
Complaint Investigations During: 07/01/2004 - 09/30/2005
Total number of health deficiencies for this nursing home: 13
Average number of Health Deficiencies in Arizona: 9
Average number of Health Deficiencies in the United States: 8
Range of Health Deficiencies in Arizona: 0 - 54

If you have had a similar experience with Evergreen Healthcare Center, please use the link below to contact a Nursing Home Abuse and/or Neglect Lawyer.

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