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Hypnotic Mental Detector

Everyone from Blushing Brides to State Prosecutors have used hypnosis to assist them in finding important articles and memories.

(PRWEB) July 7, 2005 -- Hypnosis is a proven method to assist people in finding items that they have misplaced. I receive many calls from anxious men and women who have lost something dear to them such as wedding rings, heirlooms or important documents. They all want to know one thing: can hypnosis help them find their lost item?

My answer is always the same. Yes! Then I will explain that although hypnosis is very effective, it is not 100% fail proof. One reason for this is that the individual who lost the item may have no conscious or subconscious recollection of the actual event that caused the item to become lost. Meaning that a ring could have fallen off their finger without them mentally or physically noticing it or someone unbeknownst to them may have moved the item in question.

The most important factor employed in a hypnotic session for recall is the natural decrease of stress both mentally and physically. During a hypnotic session the client is both mentally and physically relaxed and the conscious mind is bypassed or in a state of complete ease. This allows the part of the mind that has recorded everything the client has ever experienced to be free of any conflict.

One of the reasons an item can not be found is because in the moment the item was discovered missing the individual gave him or herself the subconscious command ?it?s lost? and then they continue to reinforce that command by saying things like ?I can?t find it? or ?I can?t remember where I put it? all of these statements are creating a negative block at the subconscious level. These blocks start to dissolve as the client enters into hypnosis.

While in the hypnotic state of somnambulism the client is able to have a clear recalling of events. Some call this ?Age Regression? and it is a very helpful tool in memory recall. By guiding a client to a time just prior to the item becoming lost the individual can move forward in their memory retracing their actions leading up to the event. They can gain valuable information with this technique or even discover right where they placed the lost item. This process can be repeated a number of times to gain more and more information. I have found this necessary to do when drugs or alcohol where involved.

There are many other modalities in which hypnosis is used for recalling lost items or memories, and these methods are also being used to assist law enforcement personnel every day. Forensic Hypnosis is considered a valuable tool to many in the legal field from the Police force to the Judicial Courts. Because hypnosis is a non intrusive, drug free process it is sought out for the relief of many issues both physical and psychosomatic.

About the Author: William Molitor a NGH certified hypnotist, educational and transformational speaker, an area expert on hypnosis, seen on Cincinnati?s FOX19 morning show, and awarded the 2004 ?5-PATH Leadership Award?.



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Steven J. Williams, P.C.
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