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Blawgs Little More Than An Expensive Hobby for Many Law Firms

Though considered the key to Web success by some, surveys show that most people do not know what a blog is. president Dale Tincher tells how blawgs blogs for legal Websites could become great marketing tools if law firms incorporate them into their overall marketing strategies, but will fail miserably for many.

Raleigh, N.C. (PRWEB) June 20, 2005 -- Properly developed blogs can be very effective. Unfortunately, the majority of law firm blogs are not properly planned and the result is often a significant waste of time, money and credibility, says Dale Tincher, president of, a Web consulting and design firm that develops and supports law firm sites.

In his article, Law Firm Blogs Hip or Hype? , Tincher examines the effectiveness of blawgs weblogs, or blogs, created by and for law firms. To determine whether a law firm should start, or continue using a blawg as a marketing tool, Tincher recommends taking these three steps:

Define your goals;
Assess your ability to invest the necessary time;
Consider other options.

Some of our clients have very successful Websites that rank at the top of the search engines and use blogs to enhance their Web presence, Tincher says. Do not run after the first blogging pied piper who tells a great story, he warns. Lawyers should consider the ethics and libel implications, and be sure to refrain from appearing to give legal advice. Tincher summarizes by stating, If blogs are developed as part of a cohesive marketing campaign, they can be very effective.


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Steven J. Williams, P.C.
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