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"Tax and Asset Secrets Revealed in Free One Day Seminar"

Advantage E-Com, who gave customers the popular free tax report in April, is now expanding resources for their customers by offering free access to the one-day financial seminars around the country hosted by Quest International. The current schedule includes seminars in Utah on June 11, California, June 18th, Minnesota, July 16th, Florida, July 23rd. Texas, August 6th , Colorado, August 20th and Washington, DC, September 10th.

(PRWEB) June 10, 2005 -- The purpose of the seminars is to teach people how to keep more of their money in their own pockets before that April 15th deadline rolls around again. Now is the time to take action.

The topics the workshop will cover are: Understanding current financial conditions, as individuals & as a society; How the wealthy really became wealthy; The difference between true assets & liabilities; What your banker hasnt told you; Why you will NEVER save yourself rich; How to dramatically lower taxes; Why IRAs may not be your best investment; The difference between domestic & international investments; Why you need to change your approach to wealth creation; Strategies demonstrating how you Can afford early retirement.

The workshops will feature Dr. Ellen Stubenhaus, an Executive Council member of Quest International and Mark Lyon of Southern Oregon Resource Center Educational Services (SORCE). The speakers will show how you can change your financial situation regardless of your current income.

Quest International is a membership organization whose mission is: To educate, empower and enhance the lives of millions, through continuous education, inspiring people worldwide to reach new heights and to rise to their fullest potential personally and financially.

Dr. Ellen adds, Who else teaches us to accumulate wealth? Nobody. Look at the number of people struggling financially. Only the wealthy are relieved of this struggle, only to face an entirely new set of challenges.

Author of 5 Essential Steps to Financial Freedom and Tax and Asset Secrets, Gloria Reibin, owner of Advantage E-Com, is thrilled to be able to bring this information to customers, clients and friends. Were dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom quickly and joyfully, she says. We should love what we do and I do.


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Steven J. Williams, P.C.
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