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Artemis Solutions Group files suit against Microsoft for Trademark Infringement

July 12, 2005 (FREELAND) Artemis Solutions Group (ASG) (, a global leader in Smart Card and Biometric security solutions announced today that it has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, Inc. (, and the newly formed division, Microsoft IP Ventures (MSIPV) ( ) alleging willful and deliberate Trademark Infringement, Trademark Dilution and Unfair Competition with regard to the registered word trademark owned by ASG - BIOCERT - U.S. Registration No. 2,817,357 ( ASG represents this mark in commerce on its products as BioCert as represented by the graphic below. ASG has used their registered trademark BioCert to develop, design and market a series of products that incorporate both smart card and biometric identification and verification functionality for over 4 years. Biometric and Smart Card technology marketplaces are growing rapidly globally and currently, biometric and smart card products such as the ones marketed under the BioCert label are being adopted by individuals, companies and governments world-wide. ASG's Law Firm, Baldwin & Baldwin, filed a complaint on their behalf in the United States Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Texas outlining the details of these violation(s) of Federal Law including the Lanham Act - Title 15 U.S.C. The Lanham Act is a US Federal Law protecting the rights of trademark owners against misappropriation of their intellectual trademark property. "At a gathering of venture capitalists today, Microsoft Corp. announced Microsoft Intellectual Property (IP) Ventures, a new program aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses that will speed the movement of innovative technology into the global market. Microsoft IP Ventures opens up hundreds of internally developed technologies to entrepreneurs and new businesses by licensing and spinning out Microsoft's innovations to facilitate new product and business development."

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