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Arguments over Indiana?s Strict Abortion Law and Planned Parenthood
Defunding Planned Parenthood
Arizona Brings USA to Court for Right to Medical Marijuana
Minnesota Hospital Association Formed a Coalition Against Medicine Theft
Collective Bargaining Law of Wisconsin, Nullified
Arizona Law that Threatens to Hurt Businesses that Hire Illegal Immigrants Upheld by the Supreme Court
Study Reveals Dissatisfaction with Health Care Law Increases
D.C. Office of Campaign Finance Probes Allegations Against Gray's Campaign
State?s Attorney General Forced by Mont. GOP to Join Health Care Suit
Overhauling of the Aging Electronic Privacy Law Opposed by the Justice Department
Senate Pres. Murray is of the Same Mind with Gov. Patrick on Health Finance Changes
International Law May Have Been Broken by U.S. Over Iraqi Attack on Iranian Camp
San Francisco Family Law Firm Addresses LBGT Domestic Partnership Headaches
California Capitol Critics: ?Arizona-Style Immigration Law Harsh and Unworkable?
Health Care Act Still Under Fire One Year Later
High Court Gives a Sign that Arizona Campaign Law May be Jeopardized
Alaska GOP Asks Fringe Anti-Muslim Blogger to Testify as an Islam Expert
Syria to Study Possible Lifting of 50-Year-Old Emergency Law
Law School No Longer Assures Safe Bet High Income Job
US Whistleblower Law Secrecy Supported by Appeals Court
Voicing Out Workplace Complaints Are Protected Under Labor Law, Supreme Court Rules
Burgess an Obstacle to Health Law
LPN Sentenced in New York Neglect Case
Obama Hopes to Revamp No Child Left Behind
Trent Franks on a Crusade to Impeach Obama over Gay Marriage Decision
Senate Joint Resolution 2 to Repeal Nevada's Minimum Wage Law
Kansas House Moved to Repeal a 7-Year-Old Law
Courts Fight Out Legality of Healthcare Law
Shareholders Sued Pre-Paid Legal Services
Obama Administration Will Not Defend Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
White House to Vinson: Clarify to 26 States Compliance with the ObamaCare Law Still Expected
Kansas Unregistered Students May Kiss the In-State Tuition Rates Goodbye
Immigration Law: How Much Will it Cost Taxpayers?
Rep Lawmakers Want to Widen Ariz.?s Illegal Immigration, State may Require Hospitals to Check Citizenship
North Carolina?s Racial Justice Act Survived First Serious Challenge
Lawsuit Challenge the Surname Requirement in Japanese Civil Code
Activists Push Lawmakers to Expand Bullying Law
Senate Panel Dismisses Ethics Charge Against a Hutchinson Senator
House GOP Pushes to Defund Health Care Law
Poll Results: Americans Favor Health Law Repeal by Double-Digit Margin
Virginia to Request Top Court to Review Health Law
Winning the Future with Health Care Reforms
Parental Notification Law Takes Effect in Alaska
Nigeria Fights Corruption
Battle Continues over Healthcare Overhaul
State of Arizona Has No Right to Declare Giffords' Seat Vacant
Aging Lawyer Accused of Child Porn
Differences House and Senate Resolved
Rep. Frank Fights for Reform
US/Europe Take Steps Toward Unified World-Wide Reform

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