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ULTRA VIRES: meaning literally beyond ones power, an act which is ultra vires is one which is beyond the scope of the authority that a person or organization has. Thus an agent can be ultra vires the scope of his or her agency agreement, a company can act ultra vires the objects contained in its memorandum of association and a local authority or minister can act ultra vires the powers conferred on them by legislation.

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE: when the defendant is not going to try to stop the divorce and there are no issues for the court to decide about the children, money, or property.

UNDUE INFLUENCE: if a person is subject to pressure such as to cause them to do something which they would not otherwise have done, then they are said to have been subject to undue influence. It occurs most regularly in connection with wills and contracts, and can amount to good cause for them being set aside.

UNLAWFUL DETAINER: detention of real property without consent of owner or other person entitled to its possession.

USURY (YOO seh ree): charging higher interest rate or higher fees than law allows. 

Personal Injury Lawyer by State---More Articles

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