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Georgia Statute of Limitations

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The time limitations which you can file a lawsuit for personal injury cases in the state of Georgia.

Time Limitation Title, Chapter, Article Number
2 Years Section 9-3-33

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NOTE: has made every effort to provide accurate, up-to-date information. However, statutes in each jurisdiction may be amended, repealed, modified, or otherwise changed at any time by the legislature of that jurisdiction. In addition, the courts of each state may clarify statutes or declare them unconstitutional. The United States Supreme Court may also declare state statutes unconstitutional under certain circumstances. All of these possibilities, and more, create the potential for any of the information provided herein to change, without notice, at any time. As a result, the information on this website should be used as a general reference and for comparison purposes only and should not take the place of a timely consultation with an attorney. Different categories of Personal Injury Lawsuits have different Statutes of Limitations that applies to your personal situation. Only a Lawyer can advise you how the Statute of Limitations might apply- in some cases it is not the time since the date of the occurrence, but the date of the realization of the cause, that starts the Statute of Limitations clock ticking. Even then, the application of the Statute of Limitations to a case may be contested in court. You may also want to consult the local Bar Association in the state or jurisdiction in which you plan to pursue legal action.

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