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Why Was an Innocent Man Held in Jail for 7 Months

Because of a poor investigation by police and the DA's office an innocent young man spent 7 months in county jail, and the real perpetrator is long gone!

(PRWEB) January 26, 2006 -- Christopher Fitzsimmons spent seven months in San Bernardino County Jail, even though he was innocent of the charges against him. What were those charges, well they were 209(b)(1) kidnapping to commit another crime and 288(a) lewd act upon a child. The child in question is a 4 year old girl. Mr. Fitzsimmons was facing life in state prison. San Bernardino Case No. FWV034924

I.F.R.S. Group, Inc, private investigators based in La Mirada were hired by the defense to investigate the case. Within a few weeks investigators from I.F.R.S. Group, Inc had uncovered information that proved Christopher Fitzsimmons could not have committed the crime.

Rick Mills, President of I.F.R.S. Group, Inc said "the evidence we uncovered included witnesses who stated that the mother of the child had made a number of these complaints over the years, and two of those complaints were made within the weeks AFTER Christopher Fitzsimmons was arrested, one complaint was against a 10 year old boy.

Instead of conducting an investigation, the San Bernardino County District Attorneys office was relying on the results of the DNA, which they were sure was going to come back positive to their suspect, Christopher Fitzsimmons. They had no regard for the fact that the DNA could take up to six months or more to come back, and with a $500,000.00 bond, Mr. Fitzsimmons could not get out of jail.

On 01/19/2006, seven months after Mr. Fitzsimmons was arrested, the DNA comes back, and it was not the DNA of Mr. Fitzsimmons. On 01/20/2006, the DA dropped the charges and released Mr. Fitzsimmons without so much as an apology.

Mr. Rick Mills, President of I.F.R.S. Group, Inc said that there was only about a 1 1/2 hour window when this assault on the 4 year old girl could have taken place, because of the non-investigation conducted by the police and the DA's office the actual perpetrator is still out there. When asked if he had a suspect Mr. Mills said, "yes, but he is no longer in California. He left the state within one month of the crime".

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Steven J. Williams, P.C.
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