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Eracent Introduces Major Enhancements

(PRWEB) January 25, 2006 -- Eracent, Inc. announced today the availability of the EnterpriseEM ?Universal Translator? add-on module. The new version of Eracent?s EnterpriseEM enables users to automatically reconcile their procurement data to any inventory solution. The new module will assist organizations to determine their exact software license compliance.

Commenting on the new release, Jack Micklovich, Eracent?s VP of Software Asset Management Services and Solutions said, ?This release marks a significant enhancement to the evolution of EnterpriseEM. The new functionality can provide real bottom-line benefits to companies that already have a significant investment in other inventory technologies, which can now be leveraged with the powerful reconciliation capabilities of EnterpriseEM. We believe that we have developed a flexible tool that IT managers will embrace, especially with increased emphasis on software license compliance.?

Key features include:

Universal Inventory Translator -- Users can import data collected from virtually any inventory tool into EnterpriseEM and ultimately reconcile that data against their purchasing data that EnterpriseEM rolls up into ?License Entitlements?. Users can now get comprehensive software license reconciliation reports that match their procurement data as well as their inventory data.

Comprehensive Purchase Data Integrity Checking -- Users can precisely identify any erroneous or missing data elements in their purchasing data inputs and make immediate corrections within the EnterpriseEM application. This feature completely eliminates the need to condition or clean up purchase data records.

Suites and Bundled Software Entitlements and Reconciliation Report Enhancements- Software suites and bundled software have always been a major challenge. EnterpriseEM now takes the guesswork out of trying to reconcile software suites or bundled products. Enhanced analysis and reporting make it much easier to reconcile these complex software items.

?We feel that Eracent?s EnterpriseEM combined with our Universal Translator Module is unique in the industry? Micklovich commented. ?It gives Asset and License Managers the tools they need to effectively manage their software licensing, and gain control of their own destiny.?

About Eracent

Eracent Inc. develops and sells a comprehensive suite of IT asset management solutions for enterprise level organizations. Serving all industries in both domestic and international markets, Eracent?s core business strategy has been, and continues to be, to develop technologies that provide a rapid return, ease of use and complete access to the precise data needed by IT professionals to manage complex IT infrastructures.

Eracent?s solutions are compatible with most popular enterprise software applications and have been used to enhance the value of such widely used solutions as Microsoft® SMS? (MSFT), IBM® Tivoli? (IBM) and Altiris® Software Delivery Solution? (ATRS) To learn more about Eracent.

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