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Attorney that Won Major Lawsuit Against Ford Motor Company to Appear on CNN

Wood River, IL (PRWEB via) January 23, 2006 -- Brad Lakin of The Lakin Law Firm will appear on tonight?s broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360. Lakin won a $43 million verdict on behalf of his clients against Ford Motor Company, in a car fire case (case# 03-L-2027, Madison County) that caught the attention of the nation last April.

Many people still remember the fiery crash where a St. Louis area couple was trapped in their 1993 Lincoln Town Car, which erupted into flames after an accident on I-270 in Madison County, Illinois. A wrench in the Jablonski's trunk punctured the fuel tank during a rear end impact, which resulted in a fire.

John Jablonski, Sr. and his wife Dora Jablonski were both badly injured when their vehicle burst into flames. Mr. Jablonski suffered burns over 80 % of his body and died of his injuries two days later and Mrs. Jablonski suffered permanent burns over 32 % of her body, is unable to walk and currently resides in a nursing home.

Anderson Cooper will explore the circumstances behind the car fire, and how Lakin went about representing his clients in the case.

Brad Lakin said, "This is an important case for the Jablonskis who suffered horrible injuries, but it has national implications for millions of Americans who currently drive Ford?s Lincoln Town Car, Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria. While Ford has provided retrofits, trunk protection and warnings to police agencies it has refused to provide the same information to the civilian vehicle owners. So what we have is millions of people driving Ford?s Lincoln Town Car, Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria without knowing about the fire problem.?

Lakin explained that the Lincoln Town Car is designed with a vertical-behind-the-axle where the fuel tank is located in the rear crush zone, which increases the risk of fire in rear end collisions. "We contended that this design feature has been linked to numerous deaths and that Ford knew this design was dangerous yet took no action to protect the public."

Lakin?s firm is also known for its work in the area of nursing home abuse and neglect. He became involved in nursing home abuse and neglect cases after a personal tragedy to a family member. With one and half million Americans living in nursing homes the quality of patient care, or the lack thereof, has been making the headlines of late.

?We are launching a public awareness campaign in the next few weeks on the subject of nursing home abuse,? states Lakin. ?We will be releasing a series of public service articles that will educate the public on this subject.

Over the past decade many among the baby boomer generation have been resorting to nursing home care for their elderly parents. Lakin feels that each of these individuals must understand what constitutes good care for their loved ones and how to go about choosing the right nursing home.

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Steven J. Williams, P.C.
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