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Sacramento Protest Planned to Stop Governor Schwarzenegger

Important state government jobs remain vacant as treatment for the handicapped languishes and forces the disabled into federal court in search of accountability.

Sacramento (PRWEB) January 23, 2006 -- Handicapped and disabled injured workers are planning a protest on the steps of the Sacramento federal courthouse February 1st at noon to complain about the Governor?s handling of federal funding used in rehabilitation and workers compensation programs and seek a Department of Justice probe into alleged funding abuses.

?There are two many ?acting directors? creating a puzzling shell game where no one seems accountable for enforcement of the rights of the disabled and federal rehabilitation funds,? reports nurse Barbara Clark. She is suing the acting director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), John Rea, in Sacramento federal court (see Clark vs. Rea, Case No.: NO. 2:05-CV-2410-FCD-KLM) for enforcement of the rights of handicapped injured workers under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

?The shell games have to stop,? Clark said, referring to the Governor?s legal affairs secretary, Andrea Hoch, allegedly running the Division of Worker?s Compensation (DWC) from the Governor?s office.

?The DWC should be operated from within the DWC with strict accountability, not by a political aide on the Governor?s staff,? cited Clark. Clark?s lawsuit alleges that Andrea Hoch is more or less still running the DWC while acting as the Governor?s legal affairs secretary even though she left the post of DWC head almost six months ago.    

?I never thought I would see the day when the lives of disabled and handicapped people would be in the hands of a legal secretary reporting to a cash register Governor who seems accountability only to his special interest pals,? Clark said.

Clark is a disabled handicapped injured worker that was injured on the job while on duty at an Adventist hospital chain medical center. According to Clark, John Rea and Andrea Hoch have the power to enforce several court orders against the Adventists for payment of her untreated medical injuries.

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